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lampwork beads, Nurse Fob Watch - SRA Lampwork Beads - Sterling Silver



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This is a Fob Watch and in most cases u jewelrysed for Nu jewelryrses. I have made several of these watches for my dau jewelryghter and co-workers at the medical facility she works at. This can be clipped on you jewelryr ID badge u jewelrysing the clip or lobster claw which is also sterling. The lampwork beads were made by a American glass Artist. The watches are Geneva Brand watch faces that were cu jewelrystom made for another jeweler that u jewelrysed to make beaded watches which inclu jewelryded his stylized TikTok logo. The other specs for these watches are:\rSterling silver plating on the case,cu jewelrystom designed raised silver nu jewelrymerals ,cu jewelrystom designed hou jewelryr and minu jewelryte hands, high qu jewelryality metal Japan Miyota movement (Citizens) and a new battery\r\rThis is a approximately 3 " in length.

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