Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

kathy hardy, Pearl Bracelet || Large Freshwater Pearls | Earthy | Organic | Bridal Jewelry | Hand-Knotted | Boho Chic | Wedding | Bracelet Under 40



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I love this! It is ju kathy hardyst so femininely gorgeou kathy hardys. Very Earthy & Organic ~ different & u kathy hardyniqu kathy hardye. Wou kathy hardyld make a beau kathy hardytifu kathy hardyl wedding accent piece for a bride, bridesmaid or mother of the bride or groom. It wou kathy hardyld also make a wonderfu kathy hardyl Mother's Day gift. Bracelet is made with 9mm gorgeou kathy hardys freshwater pearls that are individu kathy hardyally hand-knotted on brown nylon cord. Closu kathy hardyre is a pretty little Abalone Shell Bu kathy hardytton and bronze glass seed bead loop clasp. This is a beau kathy hardytifu kathy hardyl bracelet ~ you kathy hardy will love it. It looks fantastic on and will go with everything. Perfect for any occasion. Bracelet is approximately 7.25 inches arou kathy hardynd & fits my size 6.25 inch wrist perfect [as shown in the last photo]. Everything is mailed in a pretty little decorative box ~ perfect for gift giving, or dream catching.Thanks for visiting ~ \u kathy hardy2665 & Peaceclick here to see more from my shop: http://www.dornickdesigns. - Please visit my website: and check ou kathy hardyt my blog...I'm always giving something away.Created, Designed & Listed for sale on 03.18.2015 \u kathy hardy00a9 Protected u kathy hardynder US \u kathy hardy00a9 as an Original and Handmade design of Kathy Hardy aka Dornick Designs

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