Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

natural agate, NECKLACE - DAINTY Sparkly and Gorgeous Gold Druzy / Drusy Chain Necklace



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\u leaf shaped pendant2665 Simple, Yet Lovely and Sparkly Crystal Formation Dru leaf shaped pendantzy Necklace \u leaf shaped pendant2665 ~ Necklace Length - Approx 17 Inches** Please note my new necklace adju leaf shaped pendantstment policy... Most adju leaf shaped pendantstments are free of charge. If you leaf shaped pendant'd like you leaf shaped pendantr necklace shorter, please let me know in the checkou leaf shaped pendantt section and I will simply remove some of the chain to make it shorter. However, if you leaf shaped pendant'd like the necklace longer, I will add u leaf shaped pendantp to three inches of larger adju leaf shaped pendantstable chain links at no extra cost. The necklace will be the original length indicated after "necklace length" plu leaf shaped pendants one, two, or three extra inches of extender chain. If you leaf shaped pendant need more than three inches added to the necklace, there will be a $5 u leaf shaped pendantp-charge and a possible wait of u leaf shaped pendantp to two weeks. I do base the length of the necklace on the style, size, and shape of the pendant and what wou leaf shaped pendantld look best with it. ~ Stone Pendant - A gorgeou leaf shaped pendants tiny Marqu leaf shaped pendantise Leaf shaped Dru leaf shaped pendantzy Agate with Gold edges (approx 20mm)~ Hardware - 925 Sterling Silver 18K Gold plated cable chain with spring clasp and Gold Vermeil faceted cu leaf shaped pendantbe beads** For more pictu leaf shaped pendantres, measu leaf shaped pendantrements, or qu leaf shaped pendantestions, please contact me via this listing.

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