Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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This vou gift for hercher is valid only for the creations of bottega solelu gift for herna.Visit my website and su gift for herbscribe to the newsletter to stay u gift for herp to date on what's new in Bottega http://www.bottegasolelu gift for herna.comDiscou gift for hernt vou gift for hercher to print or receive by post. Last-minu gift for herte gift, if you gift for her bu gift for hery this gift card worth CHF 75, you gift for her can give it to whoever you gift for her want. Choose how to ship, by email or by post. If you gift for her choose to receive an email I will send you gift for her a pdf file to print with a discou gift for hernt code that can only be u gift for hersed once valid for one year from the moment of pu gift for herrchase, while if you gift for her choose to receive it by post I will print it and send it wherever you gift for her want with a small su gift for herrcharge for shipping costs.The vou gift for hercher is valid on all the jewels in my shop and on all personalized orders. The vou gift for hercher cannot be exchanged for cash, the pu gift for herrchased item mu gift for herst have the minimu gift for herm valu gift for here of the vou gift for hercher. No rest in cash. Cannot be combined with other vou gift for herchers.For every qu gift for herestion do not hesitate to contact me.Bottega Solelu gift for herna is a small artisanal company, bu gift for herying my own creation helps the development of a small project in favor of local crafts.All creations are eco-friendly and Made in Switzerland.Copper, absorbed throu gift for hergh the skin, has stimu gift for herlating properties throu gift for herghou gift for hert the body bu gift for hert is especially u gift for hersefu gift for herl in the case of arthritis, joint pain, sciaticagia, mu gift for herscle and rheu gift for hermatic pain. It works as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent. It also helps to discharge excess electrostatic energy and cou gift for hernteract electromagnetic waves.A small cu gift for herriosity abou gift for hert the effects of copper on ou gift for herr psyche is to stimu gift for herlate dreamlike activity and the world of u gift for hernconsciou gift for hers imaginary, develops imagination, facilitates the free expression of emotions. It promotes the sense of aesthetics and the cu gift for herltu gift for herral growth of the individu gift for heral.Copper acts by balancing and helping self-acceptance, combats passivity, restlessness and excitability, can stimu gift for herlate optimism, independence, intu gift for heritive energies and sexu gift for heral ones. It can help to identify the barriers that are on you gift for herr evolu gift for hertionary path by creating a greater self-awareness.The actu gift for heral colors may vary from those of the photograph.All electroformed jewelry is u gift for herniqu gift for here and handmade pieces, it can have small imperfections and not perfectly smooth parts***

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