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In Gate ImpressionsSILVER HEARTMagnetic Nu swarovskimber Pins\u swarovski00a0You swarovskir horse is ready\u swarovski2026 Are you swarovski?\u swarovski00a0You swarovski\u swarovski2019ve seen Magnetic Nu swarovskimber Pins before, now you swarovski can have these stylish nu swarovskimber magnets from In Gate Impressions \u swarovski00a0to make that u swarovskiltimate show ring impression!\u swarovski00a0 Ou swarovskir Nu swarovskimber Magnets u swarovskise su swarovskiperior components and are hand crafted in the USA!\u swarovski00a0\u swarovski00a0 \u swarovski00a0To get the style that looks great in the ring we start with a SILVER HEART that measu swarovskires approx. 5/8\u swarovski201d.\u swarovski00a0\u swarovski00a0 The magnets u swarovskised are \u swarovski00bd\u swarovski201d x 1/8\u swarovski201d grade 45 indu swarovskistrial magnets.\u swarovski00a0 We install one magnet on the back of the star, then another magnet is provided for u swarovskising on the inside of clothing.\u swarovski00a0 Use these Nu swarovskimber Magnets to accent you swarovskir show ou swarovskitfit with both fu swarovskinction & beau swarovskity!\u swarovski00a0You swarovski will receive a set of 4 Nu swarovskimber Magnets in a boxed set.\u swarovski00a0\u swarovski00a0\u swarovski00a0To u swarovskise: Handle one Nu swarovskimber Magnet at a time, placing the star side on the ou swarovskitside and the plain magnet on the inside of clothing.\u swarovski00a0 Do not let the magnets snap together, they can be difficu swarovskilt to separate and also may pinch!\u swarovski00a0\u swarovski00a0\u swarovski00a0 Cau swarovskition: Individu swarovskials with pacemakers or internal medical devices shou swarovskild keep magnets at a distance.\u swarovski00a0 Keep away from children.\u swarovski00a0 Nu swarovskimber Magnets are fragile \u swarovski2013 proper care and handling is essential. \u swarovski00a0\u swarovski00a0Satisfaction Gu swarovskiaranteed!In Gate Impressions

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