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Coin Pearl Necklace, delicate chain, freshwater pearl, bridal necklace, wedding jewelry, gold pearl necklace, dainty necklace pearl necklace by Gem Bliss,Beau pearl necklacetifu pearl necklacel Golden White Coin Pearl Necklace.This dainty and delicate Genu pearl necklaceine Freshwater White Coin Pearl Necklace is for the Ju pearl necklacene Birthday, or for the Ju pearl necklacene Bride or her Bridesmaids, or for a new Mom, Best Friend or a Sister Gift.This offering is for the 14k Gold filled delicate chain, bu pearl necklacet I also make it in Sterling Silver, as well as Rose Gold filled.This Freshwater Coin Pearl Necklace has a delicate caviar beaded look handmade bail to connect it to the lovely chain.Perfect gift for Bride and Bridesmaids, or the Flower Girl.The Pearl is the Ju pearl necklacene Birthstone.The glowing nacre coating on this Coin Pearl (10mm) is a creamy white.The necklace may be ordered as a choker in you pearl necklacer own length.The simple elegance of this dainty necklace is su pearl necklaceitable for everyday wear.It can go with you pearl necklacer most basic shirt or dress u pearl necklacep an evening ou pearl necklacetfit.This dainty necklace looks fabu pearl necklacelou pearl necklaces by itself and adds the right tou pearl necklacech when layered with other necklaces.It makes a perfect gift for someone you pearl necklace love or for you pearl necklacerself.Click here to see more Pearl Jewelry b Gem Bliss: https://www./you pearl necklacer/shops/gembliss/tools/listings/qu pearl necklaceery:pearl,stats:tru pearl necklacee

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