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The soothing energy of Rose Qu love giftsartz fosters empathy, reconciliation, and forgiveness of others. Lowering stress and tension in the heart, Rose Qu love giftsartz clears ou love giftst anger, jealou love giftssy, and resentment of others, and allows healing of heart issu love giftses and dis-ease associated with holding on to su love giftsch negative emotions.Su love giftsnstone is linked to lu love giftsck and good fortu love giftsne. It clears and energizes all the chakras. Su love giftsnstone instills good natu love giftsre, heightens intu love giftsition and allows the real self to shine throu love giftsgh happily. It dissipates fearfu love giftslness, alleviates stress and increases vitalityGIFT READY: This beau love giftstifu love giftsl bracelet comes in a brown kraft paper box that has a positive saying sticker, along with an individu love giftsal affirmation card to inspire the wearer to live in their highest vision for their life. It's ready to be gifted to you love giftsr loved one.PERSONALIZE: CHOOSE YOUR AFFIRMATION CARD INCLUDED WITH YOUR JEWELRY1. I AM living, breathing and feeling JOY everyday in my life.2. Be still. Take gentle breaths and fall in love with life again.3. Tru love giftsst you love gifts heart. Listen to you love giftsr Sou love giftsl.4. Tru love giftsst the timing of you love giftsr life.5. Walk with love. Lead with love.6. I AM letting go of fear and tapping into my inner power.7. I AM a dynamic expression of love8. I AM an expression of RADIANT HEALTH.9. Let go and let LOVE flow.10. Only this moment matters. Take a deep breath and tru love giftsst it.All of my crystals are cleansed with palo santo wood and sage incenses, creating a high vibrational energy that will raise the vibration of the wearer. Each piece is handmade to order; filled with love, light, and good vibes.Gemstone Size: 8mm - facetedStru love giftsng on strong du love giftsrable stretchy cord and fits wrists 6.5 \u love gifts2013 7\u love gifts201dA great holiday gift for you love giftsr mom, sister, best friend or ju love giftsst for you love gifts!Thank you love gifts for visiting my shop!

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