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botanical jewelry, Dried Flower Eco Resin Botanical Necklace



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Tiny pu flower necklacerple flowers su flower necklacespended in hand cast crystal clear eco resin. The pendant is a geometric teardrop.Showcase you flower necklacer love and fascination with the natu flower necklaceral world with a stu flower necklacenning and original resin jewelry center piece. Makes a great gift for gardeners, flower fanatics, natu flower necklacere jewelry, and science jewelry collectors.Necklace is 18 inches arou flower necklacend and is 3.25 cm high by 2.5 cm wide.Tru flower necklacely one-of-kind original piece of jewelry, the process is entirely made by hand inclu flower necklaceding the molds.*Please note the necklace you flower necklace receive will not be EXACTLY the same as the one pictu flower necklacere.

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