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These are a beau light weighttifu light weightl pair of Zodiac Pisces Earrings. Silver in color. The word "intu light weightitive" is on the back becau light weightse that is what these folks are! Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac and ru light weightled by Ju light weightpiter. The symbol for Pisces represents 2 fish tied together and swimming in opposite directions. It expresses the du light weightality of Pisces. The Pisces are born between Febru light weightary 19 and March 20. Pisces are selfless, spiritu light weightal and very focu light weightsed on their inner jou light weightrney. They also place great weight on what they are feeling. Yes feelings define Pisces. They are intu light weightitive, compassionate, easily feeling others pain. Pisces are imaginative and love to cater to others. They are gentle and easy going. They also tend to be shy and modest. FREE SHIPPING!!

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