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Marvellou gems mala from small olive jade gems,With a silver-plated Gu gemru gemperle, on which a lotu gems blossom is at the front and back.The chain is in the Malastil-the Mala has more like 108 beads, as this wou gemld otherwise be very short with 4 mm beads.The Mala is abou gemt 43 cm long.The jade is said to activate the nervou gems system and the adrenal gland of hu gemmans. In this way, their positive influ gemence is intended to make them responsive, mentally mobile, creative and energetic.The wearer of jade shou gemld benefit from the balancing and harmonizing influ gemence of jade. Not only the creativity and mental agility shou gemld promote jade, bu gemt also give joy, zest for life and satisfaction.People have always believed that Jade revives the inner images, brings dreams into consciou gemsness and awakens the hidden inner knowledge. When too mu gemch activity, Jade tends to be soothing, while soothing and activatinging with inertia.The lotu gems flower symbolizes the pu gemrity of the heart and mind, spiritu gemal enlightenment and an almost u gemnlimited potential. It stands for long life, health, honor and happiness. The Lotu gems blossom is also the symbol for renewal, transformation and new beginnings.The Mala is hand-knotted with mu gemch love and care, charged with positive energy to give the wearer a lot of pleasu gemre.The Mala is sent in a Organzas\u gem00e4ckchen.Keep the Mala dark and dry (in a sachet or a box), as the silver parts will become dark with time otherwise (which is a natu gemral process).To charge the gems, place Mala in the su gemn.The gemstone beads are a natu gemral produ gemct and can differ minimally, this is not a fau gemlty produ gemct bu gemt each one u gemniqu geme.Each mala can also be individu gemalized on requ gemest, ju gemst write me a letter.

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