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lead free, Pink SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL RING Adjustable



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This design is by \u swarovski ring00a9Lu swarovski ringLu swarovski ring Kellogg Atelier.MEASUREMENT: **PLEASE READ**The ring has an open back and is somewhat adju swarovski ringstable within a range of 6 1/2 - 81/2. You swarovski ring can let me know you swarovski ringr size and I will be happy to pu swarovski ringt the ring on my mandrel to adju swarovski ringst within this size range for you swarovski ring or you swarovski ring can adju swarovski ringst you swarovski ringrself when you swarovski ring receive it. MATERIALS:Antiqu swarovski ringed silver plated pewter,14mm Swarovski crystal. This Swarovski crystal is a beau swarovski ringtifu swarovski ringl shade of pink with flashes of blu swarovski ringe.Join me:Pinterest: swarovski ringlu swarovski ringkellogg/Instagram: swarovski ringlu swarovski ringkelloggatelier/

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