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large earrings, Green and White Square Crackle Enamel Earrings with Swarovski Crystal Beads



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"Crackle" is one of the enameling techniqu boho jewelryes that I teach in my stu boho jewelrydio.\u boho jewelry00a0 Du boho jewelrye to the natu boho jewelryre of the process, no two pieces will ever be identical.In the 1500 degree heat of my torch or kiln (sometimes both), the enamel moves and flows into random patterns, with lower layers breaking throu boho jewelrygh su boho jewelrybsequ boho jewelryent layers to create abstract and one of a kind designs.The top side of each earrings has no less than fou boho jewelryr separate layers of different enamel colors.\u boho jewelry00a0 Each of these earrings weighs 5.8\u boho jewelry00a0grams.\u boho jewelry00a0 The earwires are sterling silver and inclu boho jewelryde soft plastic stoppers to prevent earring loss.My enamel pieces are always cou boho jewelrynter-enameled (enamel on reverse side) to provide du boho jewelryrable longevity.The sparkling beads are Swarovski crystal from Au boho jewelrystria.2877

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