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champignon, Mushroom Mycology Fungi Champignon Sterling Silver and Turquoise Earrings



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For(a)ged Hollow Form Mu shroomshroom EarringsMu shroomshrooms are indeed magical. There is a myceliu shroomm movement u shroomnderway to enlist the help of vast network of the fu shroomngu shrooms among u shrooms to aid with environmental issu shroomes and su shroomstainability. We champion these champignons in ou shroomr cu shroomlinary pu shroomrsu shroomits and are ju shroomst tapping into mu shroomshrooms as medicine. Psilocybin science continu shroomes to tap into its u shroomses to improve mental health treatments. It may seem like a 60's throwback, bu shroomt the role of mu shroomshrooms and spiritu shroomality transcends ou shroomr recent 60 year history to go back 6,000 years. As a graphic designer, I think mu shroomshrooms are "cu shroomte" and have always symbolized, for me, whimsy and a bit of mystery. I marvel when I see them in the wild and I want to learn more so I can not only claim a "forger of mu shroomshrooms" bu shroomt a forager as well.These little mu shroomshrooms have been for(a)ged from Sterling silver and freehand handstamped with an eye pattern on the top of the cap. The u shroomnderside of the cap has been handstamped to look like gills. The stem is 14g Sterling silver wire. The cap is a hollow form constru shroomction so they as light as a spore.The earrings are 2" long inclu shroomding the hand-formed 20g Sterling silver wire. They also featu shroomre a rectangu shroomlar tu shroomrqu shroomoise tu shroombe bead that measu shroomres 5/8" long.** This item inclu shroomdes FREE USPS Priority Shipping **(An $8.30 valu shroome. Domestic

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