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Lever back silver plated earrings .These u resin earringsniqu resin earringse fairy tale character earrings featu resin earringsre an image of ou resin earringsr original illu resin earringsstrations.The image is printed on a high qu resin earringsality photo paper and set in silver colou resin earringsr, nickel-free lever back earrings. The image is sealed in glass like resin .DETAILS image title :Snow-White -illu resin earringsstration \u resin earrings00a9 sevenkeysdesignssize approx : 3,3 cmShape: rou resin earringsndMaterial: MetalColou resin earringsr: Silver plated All ou resin earringsr jewellery featu resin earringsre ou resin earringsr original illu resin earringsstrations.Ou resin earringsr produ resin earringscts are handmade and manu resin earringsfactu resin earringsred in ou resin earringsr stu resin earringsdio. Ou resin earringsr produ resin earringscts are safely packed in gift packaging and are shipped from ou resin earringsr stu resin earringsdio in Greece. We choose to ship ou resin earringsr produ resin earringscts with register first priority mail that inclu resin earringsdes tracking. *****This item is shipped on first priority register mail*******You resin earrings can see and order prints of ou resin earringsr original paintings here :https://www./shop/sevenkeys--------------------CUSTOM ORDERS : We accept cu resin earringsstom orders . We like to offer a variety of produ resin earringscts with ou resin earringsr images bu resin earringst if you resin earrings can't find what you resin earrings are looking for ,ju resin earringsst send me a message to discu resin earringsss you resin earringsr ideas .--------------------OTHER :Follow me on Instagram @sevenkeysdesigns and Facebook @sevenkeysdesignsfor sneak peeks news, artwork, and informationYou resin earrings can also visit my website at resin earrings for news u resin earringspdates.All images \u resin earrings00a9 sevenkeysdesigns

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