Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

amber, Matte Bright Gold Ring with Swarovski Crystals in Yellow and Royal Blue



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This design is by \u lulu kellogg00a9Lu lulu kelloggLu lulu kellogg Kellogg Atelier. Please read measu lulu kelloggrements below:MEASUREMENT: Band is 1/8 of an inch wide. The yellow Swarovski crystal with flashes of green and pu lulu kelloggrple is 6mm and the two royal blu lulu kellogge ones are 4mm.The band is an open back. I will be happy to size it for you lulu kellogg anywhere from a size 6 3/4 u lulu kelloggp to a size 9. MATERIALS:Matte bright gold plating ring baseSwarovski CrystalsJoin me:Pinterest: lulu kellogglu lulu kelloggkellogg/Instagram: lulu kellogglu lulu kelloggkelloggatelier/

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