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Van Gogh Starry Night Ringhandmade jewelry, Copper Art Ringhandmade jewelry, Handcrafted Copper Ring Made From Pure Copper with Colorful Artworkhandmade jewelry, Adjustable Copper Ring



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Van Gogh Starry Night Ring, Copper Art Ring, Handcrafted Copper Ring Made From Pu adjustable ringre Copper with Colorfu adjustable ringl Artwork, Adju adjustable ringstable Copper Ring\u adjustable ring25a1 Material: Solid Copper Band\u adjustable ring25a1 Artwork: Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night\u adjustable ring25a1 Beveled Diamond-Cu adjustable ringt Edging\u adjustable ring25a1 Size: 13.5 wide with adju adjustable ringstabilityFor a matching bracelet click here: https://www./listing/888839731--------------------------The Process--------------------------It takes a 32-step process to complete each piece. Copper sheets are polished, silver-plated and the designs are printed onto the silver-plated su adjustable ringrface. All pieces are cu adjustable ringt-ou adjustable ringt by hand u adjustable ringsing jewelers\u adjustable ring2019 shears which are then meticu adjustable ringlou adjustable ringsly diamond cu adjustable ringt so that they sparkle as if they have diamonds inserted in them. This makes the handcrafted jewelry look more expensive. All handmade copper jewelry is made from 99% copper. Copper is a safe metal and many people bu adjustable ringy copper jewelry to wear for health reasons. Each piece is made by hand, handcrafting copper sheets into u adjustable ringniqu adjustable ringe one-of-a-kind jewelry. The copper sheets are then polished u adjustable ringsing bu adjustable ringffing tools and steel bru adjustable ringshing to achieve the matte and su adjustable ringbtle effect on each piece. Special finishes are applied to make them last for years, so they can be enjoyed withou adjustable ringt any special care. These protective coatings also protect the copper jewelry from tarnishing.--------------------------Proper Care--------------------------These pieces shou adjustable ringld not be worn in the shower as soap and detergents may harm the finish. Rings especially shou adjustable ringld be removed when washing and shou adjustable ringld not come into contact with hand sanitizers. Wearing is not recommended du adjustable ringring sports, swimming, or gardening. With proper care, you adjustable ring will enjoy them for many, many years.-----------------------------------------Instagram \u adjustable ring25b6\u adjustable ringfe0e @u adjustable ringrbanroseNYC-----------------------------------------

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