Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Bronze branch minimalist necklace, pink Chalcedony asymmetrical Silver and Bronze pendant necklace from Camp Su pinkndance design, Gem Bliss. Organic forged bronze branch, soldered and pierced to imitate ru pinkstic vine, twig, branch in fu pinkll bloom. Translu pinkcent rose pink faceted Chalcedony is the blossom droplet on this asymmetrical mixed metals necklace. On one side, a smaller glowing glass leaf, Czech green bead hangs at the joining of the Bronze branch and the 19 inch Sterling Silver bright shine slinky chain. By requ pinkest a vintage look dark antiqu pinked patina can make this chain appear as in the last image. Branch is 3", faceted Chalcedony drops 3/4". Possible matching earrings also shown.

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